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The Isle will be showing goods at Erotikmässan in Ekebo. April 26-27

Starting to build up a little stock of the most common things for , where we will make out fiorst open apperance selling the things we make. THrilling to say the least, and a lot of manufactoring to try and build stock that both will show what we can do, and have the right items to make a little buisness. Let´s keep our fingers crossed !!!

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Todays challange

Today I am starting the rubber single tail project, an old idea I have had for some years but I want to make it a little bit better so...time for a turn in the shop to try and work out a few kinks I h

Såja en månad har gått sedan...

starten av denna site, och Jag har insett hur mycket mer jobb det är än man tror *skratt* Bilder skall tas, redigeras och läggas upp, produkt texter skrivas, försöka sprida ut saker på nätet och samti


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