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Ett par piskor for effektfull Florentin piskning på scen eller hemma. 22 mm tjocka, c:a 70 -75 cm långa med 20 svansar / piska.

A pair of whips for effectfull Florentine play, on stage or at home. Handle 22 mm rubberized and a total leangth of 70-75 cm. 20 tails / whip for easy handeling

Piskor Florentin - Whips Florentine

695,00 kr Ordinarie pris
600,00 krReapris
  • 21 mm spruce handle with aluminium tube, 2 layers of vulc rubber tape and app 3mmx3mm tails from Argentinian 3.5 mm leather

  • 3-5 days, freight excluded

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