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Ajaj denna gör riktigt ont, 23 cm 4mm tjock gummisvans , armerad, som slutar i en spets. Med ett 24 cm handtag i oljad rödbrun ek har en en trevli tyngd och längden gör att den kan bitas riktigt ordentligt.


Ouch now this one hurts for real !! (The name CB is for Cunt Buster och Cock Buster) with a 23 cm long reinforced rubber tail ending in a sharp edge and with a 24 cm long  handle made from redish brown oiled oak it has a nice weight and can truly deliver a sting

Slapper CB - Slapper CB

349,00 krPris
  • Leangth 47 cm in total, tail 23 cm. Handle from stick glued reused oak, oiled and with a runthrough rubber tail made from 4 mm reinforced industrial rubber

  • 5-10 days depending on time, freight not included

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